Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology







IIOAB wants to deliver followings through its Various Centres



  • To be  a World Class Research Organization/ Institute in promoting Innovative Cutting edge Research in various upcoming domains of Applied Biological, Physical, and Chemical Sciences, and Information Technology for Human Welfare in a Pollution free Environment and by following ethical guidelines.


  • To be a part in Collaborative Research and Technology Transfer with reputed National and International Laboratories, Institutes, Industries, and Societies.


  • To provide a State-of-Art Environment for the Exchange of Ideas and Information between Individuals and Institutes in said fields across the Globe.


  • To be an International Knowledge Exchange Platform for Multidisciplinary Research by creating a Network of eminent Institutes, Investigators, and Professionals in various upcoming fields.


  • To create high quality Human Resources, to provide Training, and to Educate New Generation in those said fields to achieve Competitive Advantages for National Interests.


  • Rising of fund for promotion of Basic and Higher education, Assistance in the funding of research, Social welfare, and Rural Development.


  • To promote the activities of its Members and Public-Private Co-operation.


  • To search and highlight Traditional Knowledge and Grassroots Innovations and to help the Grassroots Innovators in respect to IPR issues.


  • To promote, sponsor, and publish high quality research articles, books, journals etc. from IIOAB or in reputed National and International journals for Scientific and Social Benefit.


  • To provide Consultancy on Innovative Product development, Value addition, Community medicine, Agriculture based Economic Movement, and Career Guidance.


  • Work towards "Education and Health for All", Legal protection to the society in various issues, Development of Renewable Energy Resources, and to be a part of India's VISION-2020 Mission.