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Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology (IIOAB), a registered Non-Profit Voluntary Scientific Organization, is established in mid 2008 by a group of active people with specific Mission and Vision.


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 To provide a virtual global platform for multidisciplinary research and advocacy - Collaborative inter-disciplinary R&D in Applied sciences, technology, medicine,  Agri, environment, and energy by engaging reputed national and international research groups, institutes, societies, investigators, and professionals - To promote higher education, R&D, Traditional knowledge, grassroots innovations, and IPR - For human resource and rural development - To take part in India’s Vision - 2020 Mission - To serve Science, Mankind, Society, and the Nation

Dame Julia M Polak
Emeritus Professor, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Centre



Prof. Dame Julia M Polak 

(June 26, 1939 - Aug 11, 2014) 

Emeritus Professor, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Centre,

Imperial College London, UK


Our Advisor and Co-EIC

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 IIOAB is now in LBR, 2014

 IIOAB works with more than 400 eminent researchers from nearly 100 top institutes across 35-40 countries


Our Research In NEWS (Partial list)



  • Novel association between obesity and diabetes through miRNA is identified [Medical News Today] 28th Oct, 2015
  • Limca Book of Records recognizes IIOAB for its cutting-edge research without fund and infrastructure [LENS EYE4th Jan, 2015
  • Infectious Disease Vaccines in the Omics Era [Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News13th May, 2014 [Interview]
  • Simple blood test for sub-type specific lung cancer diagnosis [Medical News Today12th Nov, 2013
  • Biomarkers for sub-type specific lung cancer identified [enarada] 28th Oct, 2013
  • Professor do ICB lança livro que descreve universo das ciências ‘ômicas’ [Notícias da UFMG, Brazil]-20th Aug, 2013
  • Pesquisador da UFMG comprova a eficácia de trepadeira indiana contra doenças [Estado De Minas, Brazil]-3rd  June, 2013
  • Betel benefit: Compounds in paan leaf can kill several pathogenic bacteria [Down To Earth, India]- 15th Mar, 2013
  • Descubrimiento de nuevas dianas y compuestos de Focalización para Combatir las enfermedades infecciosas mortales incluyendo MTB [Spain Noticias]-15th Feb, 2013
  • Discovery Of Novel Targets And Targeting Compounds For Fighting Deadly Infectious Diseases Including MtB [Medical News Today]- 13th Feb, 2013
  • Drugs from Betel Leaf for Infectious diseases including TB [United News of India (UNI)/WebIndia]-5th Feb, 2013
  • New Findings from D. Barh and Co-Authors in the Area of Comparative Genomics Analysis Published [NewsRx]-20th Sept, 2011
  • Research from D. Barh and co-researchers in the area of applied bioinformatics published. [HighBeam Research]- 1st  Sept, 2010



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