Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology







Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology (IIOAB) is Non-Profit Voluntary Scientific Organization. It was established in the mid of 2008. 




IIOAB aims to

 Provide a Virtual Global Platform for Multidisciplinary Research and Advocacy

Conduct Inter-disciplinary Research in Collaboration with National and International Research Groups and Institutes

Promote Higher Education and Human Resource Development

Serve Science, Mankind, and the Nation 



We welcome One and All to Join Hands with us to



   What's New 



 IIOAB is now in LBR, 2014

 IIOAB has worked with more than 400 researchers from nearly 100 institutes across 35-40 countries



(Partial list) 


  • Computational study by UFMG identifies 12 potential drugs against coronavirus [DOM Total, Portuguese] June 6, 2020 
  • Indian Mangrove Microbiome Reveals Trove of Antibiotic and Heavy Metal Resistance Genes [Technology Networks] Aug 18, 2018
  • Antibiotic resistant genes found in Kerala mangrove ecosystem [Down To Earth, India] Aug 3, 2018
  • Novel association between obesity and diabetes through miRNA is identified [Medical News Today] 28th Oct, 2015
  • Limca Book of Records recognizes IIOAB for its cutting-edge research without fund and infrastructure [LENS EYE] 4th Jan, 2015
  • Infectious Disease Vaccines in the Omics Era [Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News13th May, 2014 [Interview]
  • Simple blood test for sub-type specific lung cancer diagnosis [Medical News Today12th Nov, 2013
  • Biomarkers for sub-type specific lung cancer identified [enarada] 28th Oct, 2013
  • Professor do ICB lança livro que descreve universo das ciências ‘ômicas’ [Notícias da UFMG, Brazil]-20th Aug, 2013
  • Pesquisador da UFMG comprova a eficácia de trepadeira indiana contra doenças [Estado De Minas, Brazil]-3rd  June, 2013
  • Betel benefit: Compounds in paan leaf can kill several pathogenic bacteria [Down To Earth, India]- 15th Mar, 2013
  • Descubrimiento de nuevas dianas y compuestos de Focalización para Combatir las enfermedades infecciosas mortales incluyendo MTB [Spain Noticias]-15th Feb, 2013
  • Discovery Of Novel Targets And Targeting Compounds For Fighting Deadly Infectious Diseases Including MtB [Medical News Today]- 13th Feb, 2013
  • Drugs from Betel Leaf for Infectious diseases including TB [United News of India (UNI)/WebIndia]-5th Feb, 2013
  • New Findings from D. Barh and Co-Authors in the Area of Comparative Genomics Analysis Published [NewsRx]-20th Sept, 2011
  • Research from D. Barh and co-researchers in the area of applied bioinformatics published. [HighBeam Research]- 1st  Sept, 2010